Molly’s Messy Garden

By: Kristen Donohue

Gif by Allison Strick

Molly moves old logs and soggy leaves.

“What a messy garden!”

“Please stop!” cry the caterpillars. “You’re disturbing our home.”

Molly pulls dandelions and clover.

“Look at all these weeds!”

“Please stop!” plead the bees. “Weeds give us nectar and pollen.”

Molly plucks purple dead nettle and thistle.

“Soon it will be tidy!”

“Please stop!” beg the butterflies. “That’s our food.”

Molly pauses.

She notices caterpillars crunching leaves.

Bees dancing on golden dandelions.

And butterflies fluttering.

“I’ll plant my flowers in another spot,” she says.

So, the messy garden remains.

The sun shines.

Rain falls.

Before long…

Dead leaves dissolve.

Dandelions and clover multiply.

Purple dead nettle and thistle twist over the old logs.

Soon, caterpillars emerge. “Off to spin our cocoons.”

Bees buzz. “Off to feed our hive.”

Butterflies flap. “Off to lay our eggs.”

The garden is a mess, but Molly doesn’t mind.

Messy gardens are magical.

23 thoughts on “Molly’s Messy Garden”

  1. Love this, Kris!

    Candace Spizzirri Children’s author FISHING WITH GRANDPA AND SKYE, April 19, 2022 FINLEY: A MOOSE ON THE CABOOSE, Fall 2022



  2. So much great imagery and knowledge here, for young readers! So full of life and and lovely details! Great work, Kristen!!!


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